Essays I read and loved in 2019, vol. 1

This year, I immersed myself in reading essays. Not enough, of course (because my self-critic is always screeching “never enough!”), but the good news is I’ve stayed consistent about it.

I created a Twitter thread of 10 of my favorite essays I’ve read this year, with the understanding that no, it’s not an all-encompassing list, and no, the essay were not all published in 2019. (Though most of them are.)

I have other essays that I’ve bookmarked (I love using the Pocket app for this, honestly — it makes it so convenient), and maybe I’ll do a volume 2 of this at some point, but these were the ones that struck me the most. The ones I read more than once, the ones that taught me something about writing, something about life, something about turning a phrase. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

In the interest of saving time, I’ve embedded my tweets below. (Feel free to give me a follow, too, if you like dog photos, food photos, and literary stuff.)




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