“I Am Not the Girl You’re in Love With,” Essay on Medium.com, June 2016.

“30 things I learned in 30 years,” Essay on Medium.com, May 2016.

 — “Of Blood,” Essay in Rappahannock Review, August 2014.

 — “Body Map: Ears,” Essay in The Fanzine, June 2014.

— “Why It’s Good We’re Talking About Monica Lewinsky,” in Luna Luna Mag, May 2014 (Essay).

 — “Why Aren’t We Talking About the Girl Who Turned Down James Franco?” in Luna Luna Mag, April 2014 (Essay).

 — “Feeling Helpless: On Buying a Knife,” in Luna Luna Mag, March 2014 (Essay).

“Barbie: Child’s Toy, Icon, Sex Object?” in Luna Luna Mag, February 2014 (Essay).

— “Top 10 Books of 2013: Ashley Bethard,” in Specter Magazine, December 2013 (Blog).


— “The Haunt of Santa Fe” (Fiction), in Hobart, June 2012. Featured by Dave Cotrone on Crazytown HERE.

— “Salted Wounds” (Fiction), [PANK] Magazine, April 2012. Featured by Vouched Books HERE and HERE.

— “The lake in Francine Prose’s Goldengrove (Flash Fiction), Let’s Hang, Nov. 28, 2011.

— “I Am Speaking the Language” (Fiction), Used Furniture Review, October 10, 2011.

— “Poste restante, part 1” (Fiction/guest blog), Kaffe in Katmandu, June 24, 2011.

— “A Tiny Love Story, Told in Triplicate” (Fiction), on HitRECord, September 2012.


“I Am Not the Girl You’re in Love With,” Essay on Medium.com, June 2016.

“30 things I learned in 30 years,” Essay on Medium.com, May 2016.

 — “Feeling Helpless: On Buying a Knife,” in Luna Luna Mag, March 2014.

— “Barbie: Child’s Toy, Icon, Sex Object?” in Luna Luna Mag, February 2014.

 — “Top 10 Books of 2013: Ashley Bethard,” in Specter Magazine, December 2013.  

— “Albums of our Lives: Shooter Jennings’ Put the O Back in Country” (Essay), The Rumpus, August 12, 2011.

— “Last Book I Loved, Goldengrove (Essay), The Rumpus, May 4, 2011.

— “Here’s What Death Means for a Squirrel” (Lyric Essay), Peripheral Surveys, May 2, 2011.

— “Readers Report Back From…Neighborhood” on The Rumpus, Jan. 3, 2011 (pg. 7).

— “This Is Not A Pipe” (Essay), Hot Metal Bridge, University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2010.

—  “Fixed Points in the Universe” (Essay), Sea Giraffe, March 2, 2011.

— “The Unexamined Fact is Like a Rattlesnake” (Essay), Specter Literary Magazine, November 7, 2011.

— “On Seeing ‘Red’: Or, Why I’m Selfish When It Comes To Art” (Essay), Specter Literary Magazine, Jan. 23, 2012.

— “Do It With Mourning: The Merits of Making a Mess” (Column), Specter Literary Magazine, Oct. 19, 2011.

— “X-Men: First Class & Inception: What Films Lend to Writing” (Column), Specter Literary Magazine, October 6, 2011.

— “Keep Your Masthead Clean, or: Just Say No to Literary Incest” (Humor, Essay),Specter Literary Magazine, October 3, 2011.

— “On Magical Writing and a Gypsy Named Kerouac” (Column), Specter Literary Magazine, September 19, 2011.


In the last days of rock ‘n roll, a savior emerges: Leroy Powell & the Messengers, on Rhythm of the Region, March 2013.

— REVIEW: Bad girl love song is oh so good (Tegan and Sara, “Closer”), on Rhythm of the Region, March 2013.

— “Chris Castle’s new album takes flight” (Music Feature), Funcoast.com, Jan. 11, 2012.

— A new road for the Womacks (MUSIC)

— A peek into Blonde Swan’s stylebook (STYLE)

— The queen of vintage revival: recycled.stylez’s Gina Ground-Hiser (STYLE)

— Sandusky’s first-ever female roller derby team

— Death by Rodeo wrangles another album (MUSIC)

— Walk talks: “It’s all about the song” (MUSIC)

— Where, oh where, did Dan Fester go? (MUSIC)

— Hermes + music = perfect winter haven (FEATURE)

— Montgomery visits Sandusky on ‘50 states in 50 days’ tour (MUSIC)

— “From Egypt to Obama” (Editorial), Sandusky Register, Feb. 23, 2011.

— Day One: Battle of the Bands, Me and Bobby McGee (and half a beer is enough, indeed) (EVENT BLOG: Ohio Bike Week)

More clips available upon request.


On Writing: The Anti-Narrative (Criticism), ashleybethard.com, March 19, 2013.

— James Franco’s “Palo Alto”: A Twitter Review by @OhEmGillie & @AshleyBethard (Review), Specter Literary Magazine, September 26, 2011.

— Book Review: Frank Hinton, “I Don’t Respect Female Expression” (Review),Peripheral Surveys, June 16, 2011.


— “The Haunt of Santa Fe”, fiction in Hobart, was featured by Dave Cotrone on Crazytown HERE.

— “Salted Wounds”, Fiction in [PANK] Magazine, was featured by Vouched Books HERE and HERE.

— “This Is Not A Pipe” selected for “Best of Hot Metal Bridge” anthology; Fall 2011.

— “I Am Speaking the Language” (Fiction; published at Used Furniture Review) selected as a Fwriction Review “Story of the Day,” October 10, 2011.

— “This Is Not A Pipe” nominated by Hot Metal Bridge for the Dzanc Books “Best of the Web 2011” Anthology.

Runner-up; “Shape in a Misshapen World” Festival of the Arts literary contest in prose for my nonfiction piece, “This is Not a Pipe,” May 2009.

— Recipient of Ashland University Undergraduate Creative Writing Award in Prose, April 2008.

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