In the last days of rock ‘n’ roll, a savior emerges: Leroy Powell & the Messengers

I wrote about Leroy Powell and his newest album for Rhythm of the Region. We talk music, his diverse playlist, and superheroes (of course!).

Rhythm of the Region

LeroyPowellIf there’s one argument for heading to Columbus this weekend, it’s to see the last days of rock and roll. I’m not talking hair rock. I’m not talking metal. I’m not talking straight country, either. I’m talking real rock and roll, the kind you feel in your stomach, the kind that needs no introduction. It’s to see Leroy Powell and the Messengers on stage at Woodlands Tavern on March 29.

But I’m going to introduce you to Leroy Powell anyway. First, a disclaimer: I met Leroy back in the day. When I say “back in the day” I actually mean back in my day, which is about 7 years ago, when he was playing with Shooter Jennings and the .357s. In addition to the way he plays guitar (pure nasty, in case you were wondering), he sang backup vocals and could write one hell of a song (“Busted in Baylor…

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On Writing: The Anti-Narrative

I've been working on an essay lately, and it's doing all the things that working on an essay should: making me think, making me dig, making me research. More importantly, it's forcing me to ask questions of myself, to reexamine my opinions on literary trends and traditions -- narrative, to be specific. I'm the first [...]